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Heal your mind/body/soul through the power of frequency.

Solfeggio & Zodiac Healing Tones Album (Healing Guide Included)

  • The “Solfeggio & Zodiac Healing Tones” album was created combining Solfeggio Frequencies and Tones of the Zodiac related to the main 7 energy centers within the human body. Throughout this album, you can expect to hear a plethora of instruments including wind chimes, singing bowls, Hangs, Kalimba and so much more. tuned in 432hz for the ultimate healing experience.


    Also, as an added bonus the “Solfeggio & Zodiac Healing Tones” album contains an 8th BONUS TRACK that contains all 7 frequencies and these frequencies when played in harmony have been known to have the power to connect us to our higher consciousness.

    And that’s not all! This album also comes along with a BONUS PDF Healing Tones Guide that covers the following:


    • Section 1: What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

    • Section 2: Solfeggio Geometry & Cymatics

    • Section 3: Reported Studies and Results of Listening to Solfeggio Frequencies

    • Section 4: The Healing Benefits of All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

    • Section 5: Tones & The Zodiac

    • Section 6: Physical/Emotional Correlates Chart

    • Section 7: Why Was This Album Tuned In 432Hz?

    • Section 8: Benefits Of Music Tuned To 432Hz

    • Additional Album Information

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