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Crystal Sun: Press Kit

Raising Frequency Awareness-Talks On Tapping Into Altered Brain States for Physical/Emotional Healing

Official Biography


Crystal Criscione-Anthony also known as Crystal Sun (founder of ItsCrystalsun), a Frequency Advocate focused on "Raising Frequency Awareness" as a music creator, speaker, podcast host (LevelUp Your Frequency ™), and author. 

Crystal grew up in Providence, Rhode Island where she first started her journey with music as a singer/songwriter, trained at a very young age in classical voice and music theory. At a young age, Crystal performed at opera houses and began working as a professional R&B recording artist. Crystal was offered her first record deal at age 17 but turned it down due to her parents wanting her to finish high school. So instead, Crystal graduated high school and went on to attend cosmetology school and became a professional make-up artist. 

Crystal continued to record music while juggling her 9-5 job as well as having her independent business as a professional makeup artist. In 2008 at age 25, Crystal decided it was time to go big with her music career and pursue her dream of “becoming the next Beyonce”, so she packed her bags and moved to California. It was there in California where things changed for her drastically as she pursued her dreams. 

In California, she gained experience in the world of sound frequency by working as a singer, songwriter, music producer, and coupled with a background in music theory and classical voice, she gained the ability to work on some amazing projects. Crystal earned the opportunity to work alongside some of the top music producers across the globe, from Hollywood to New York City. These new and exciting opportunities not only built on her experience as a professional in the music industry but also grew her long time fascination with sound. 

Crystal Sun was then presented with and embraced the opportunity to open up a commercial recording studio in Long Beach, California alongside her husband and sound engineer at the time. There she served as CEO for 4 years for a full service commercial recording studio that recorded many local bands and artists of the LA area. The studio also housed the production of a guitar pedal line.


As a result of working in Hollywood Crystal was able to meet some amazing people and was also offered opportunities to work as an actress/model and thus her career started to blossom just as she had always hoped for. Crystal was offered roles with Warner Brothers Studios and landed local ads, magazine and calendar covers. 

From the outside looking in, all seemed like what most would consider “a dream come true”, yet Crystal started to become more and more disconnected from herself and from her once felt dream of wanting to become the next biggest superstar. 

The experience of attaining her “dreams” led her to learn more about who she was and what she really wanted from her life’s purpose. Crystal was always a natural empath and intrigued with the unseen forces that are all around us and after spending many years embracing her spirituality, it was around 2016 that Crystal started to have a life changing awakening as to the importance of sound. This led her to gain a deeper understanding of the power of sound and more so, how sound could be used to heal. 

As Crystal began to connect more with her true essence she decided to ditch Hollywood and moved back to the east coast with her husband to start a family and pursue her new dream which was now mission driven, namely healing with sound. Crystal began to study the ancient art of vocal Toning, binaural beats, the tones of the zodiac and brainwave entrainment for self healing. 

As Crystal’s mission driven dreams started to unfold, she realized that her dream and mission was much bigger than herself, which led her to create “ItsCrystalSun”. ItsCrystalSun’s mission is to shift the consciousness of the planet by raising frequency awareness for self healing by bringing together the world’s top sound frequency experts to help educate people on the power of sound. “Our goal is to create a frequency driven world that utilizes vibration to fuel the planet, heal disease and elevate humanity.” 

Crystal contributes to the cause of raising frequency awareness by teaching the ancient art of vocal toning/humming and the importance of brain entrainment as a means to heal the human body for optimal health & wellness. 

In addition to Crystal educating her audience on how to use self-created sound as an alternative healing tool, she also creates and offers binaural beats & healing frequency infused songs to assist with the process of tapping into altered brain states for physical/emotional healing, sleep, focus and much more.

Raising Frequency Awareness

Watch Crystal's recent private workshop with Satori Wellness and Spirituality.


In this workshop, Crystal teaches how to utilize the power of sound frequency through self-created sound as well as binaural beats to purge, restore and balance the human body.

Women of Wisdom Movement - Alternative Healing Summit

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World Holistic Network - Frequency Medicine of the Future


Sound Medicine


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Some additional highlights

On Beat - Doris Hobbs Inteview
On Beat - Doris Hobbs Inteview

Recently Crystal had the pleasure of sitting down with Worldwide Published Writer Doris Hobbs for an exclusive interview with Fashion XChange Magazine, where she was given the opportunity to share her thoughts and who she is, with others! Read the full interview here:

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The Business of Fall Fashion Issue
The Business of Fall Fashion Issue

The Business of Fall Fashion Issue features interviews with former FORD Model Lorraine D’Alessio, CEO & music producer Crystal From Castaliah.

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DarkBeauty Magazine Feature
DarkBeauty Magazine Feature

“Crystal from Castaliah” feature is here! Click here for The Exclusive interview with Dark Beauty Magazine about our very own, Crystal from Castaliah. Click link to visit read the full interview.

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