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What is Vocal Toning?

Vocal toning is the practice of making sustained vowel sounds with one’s voice for therapeutic or meditative purposes. It is one of the most effective, safest, easiest, most natural, and, inexpensive forms of sound therapy.


Vocal toning assists the body in releasing pent-up tension, stress, and pain by using the natural vibrations generated by your speech to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.


The practice of vocal toning for therapeutic purposes dates back thousands of years. Once you learn this simple practice you can easily integrate it into your daily life.

Who is it for?

Anyone With A Voice! 

Many of you are what we call 'wounded singers' are 'wounded listeners'. That is you’ve been told that you can’t sing.

We are not now dealing with the voice as the use of a performance vehicle or entertainment. We are using the voice as a tool for entrainment.

Entrainment is a phenomenon of physics that basically allows an object to change the resonance or frequency of another object. In our session, we are going to be using our voices as tools to entrain and change the frequency of perhaps different parts of the body that may be out of alignment.

You do not need to have what many consider to be a good voice in order to do this, you simply need to make sound. When you make sound with the energy of intention all is possible.

Frequency + Intent = Healing

Frequency is the actual sound wave (How many cycles per second sound travels). Intentionality is the energy behind the sound. The energy that we put into the sound is received and perceived by not only ourselves but by other people.

- Johnathan Goldman

What Are The Benefits?

Benefits of toning our body with sacred vowel sounds:

We are talking about an energy that is going into our physical body and affecting us down to a cellular level.

Many people think sound is just frequency that goes into their ears and then into their brain.

There is certainly truth to that and this is one of the things that occur. When sound goes into our brain it can do many extraordinary things including balancing the left and the right hemispheres causing a reduction in heartbeat, respiration, calming our nervous system, stress reduction & enhancing our life energy.

In addition, sound has the ability of actually going into our cells and rearranging our cellular structure.

When we are making our own sounds it's as though the sound is coming from within and going without.

Making our own sounds is extremely powerful and there is no greater tool on the planet than making our own sounds simply because there is no other way to have sound from within go without. Massaging our internal organs from within and then going without to the physical further on to the etheric bodies

-Johnathan Goldman

  • Toning reintroduces ones missing or weak frequencies into the energy field for wholeness and well-being.


  • Toning supports the release of limiting belief systems, and density.


  • Toning supports healthy immune function and releases beneficial endorphins.

  • Toning alters brain states, inducing alpha-theta states associated with clarity and healing.


  • Toning assists in reducing pain, stress, and dis-ease.


  • Toning increases body-mind-spirit coherence and increases the subtle energy field light.


  • Toning expands creative potential, clarity, vision—a gateway for liberation and soul discovery!

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Toning is the use of the voice as a healing instrument. Typically it refers to the elongation of a vowel sound or the elongation of a single syllable. Vowel sounds are non-denominational, you can have anyone from any spiritual or religious background or denomination use them without feeling like they are betraying their belief system. Also, vowel sounds are considered sacred in many traditions: Among these: The Hebrew, Tibetan, Islamic and Ancient Egyptians.

There is a relationship between the vowel sounds and the chakras. There’s also a relationship between pitch or frequency, the chakras and zodiac signs. (See chart above).

Vocal Toning History


A hypothetical sound healing ritual in the King's Chamber(The recipient is lying in the sarcophagus)

The Egyptian culture extends back to 4000 BC and they have a long tradition of vowel sound chant. A Greek traveler, Demetrius, circa 200 B.C., wrote that the Egyptians used vowel sounds in their rituals:‘In Egypt, when priests sing hymns to the Gods they sing the seven vowels in due succession and the sound has such euphony that men listen to it instead of the flute and the lyre.'