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FreQueencies is an electronic duo consisting of JoJo - multi-dimensional light language channel/vocalist and Crystal Sun- binaural beats music producer & tones of light channel/vocalist.

“We combine modern music tuned to healing frequencies, overlaid with light code healings”

FreQueencies was birthed into existence because Crystal & JoJo saw that there is a huge need in the music industry for artists who are creating music as a form of entrainment, healing & expansion. Most music, especially mainstream music is mainly focused on entertainment, temporary enjoyment and is tainted with the energy of “for money purposes only”.  Most importantly, Crystal has noticed that producers and artists are unaware of what frequencies do to the human body. “Unfortunately most mainstream music we hear now can be very detrimental to our health and well being.”-Crystal Sun

Crystal worked in Hollywood and New York City with many talented artists and music producers who were extremely talented, yet, lacked the education on the science of sound and the effects it has on our brain, energy and overall health. 

JoJo believes that widely beautiful realities are possible for every human. “Restoring connection to a nurturing, abundant joyful life is available to you through the power of sound frequency” -JoJo

FreQueencies stands for queen mother energy and shedding light on our true divine, raw feminine power through the process of quantum music. 
Crystal & JoJo create music that is not only entertaining but is also created with specific frequencies and tones that create more of an individual experience for each listener. “When we chose to allow the sound medicine in, this in turn heals the body, aligns our energy, reprograms our cells/DNA and puts the brain into healthy brainwave states”.-Crystal Sun

Most importantly, the main objective of  FreQueencies is to assist with shifting the way we think about, listen to and energetically/emotionally/physically react to music.


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