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Crystal Sun Founder/Ceo of ItsCrystalSun


Crystal Sun is a Frequency Advocate, Author, Transformational Speaker and Sound Alchemist focused on "Raising Frequency Awareness" by helping individuals understand and alchemize frequency. 

With 25 years of experience working as a singer, songwriter, music producer, coupled with a background in music theory and classical voice, Crystal earned the opportunity to work alongside some of the top music producers from Hollywood to New York City. 

In more recent years, starting in about 2018, Crystal discovered that music was much more than just entertainment. Crystal began to study and dabble in Binaural Beats, Tones of the Zodiac, Vocal Toning and Humming as a means to heal the human body for optimal health & wellness. 

Crystal utilizes her knowledge and experience to teach others about the science and energy connected to the transformational and healing effects sound has on the mind, body & spirit.

In addition to Crystal educating her audience on how to use self-created sound as an alternative healing tool, she also creates and offers binaural beats & healing frequency infused songs to assist with the process of tapping into altered brain states for physical/emotional healing, sleep, focus and much more.


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